Choosing Sex Toys Tips

Choosing a sex toy can be an overwhelming frustrating, intimidating, and also an exciting experience. It’s even harder nowadays as there are much more choices making it difficult to find what you need. Although it’s all about your personal preferences, you need to respect some of the sex toys rules in order to avoid unwanted problems. Before I purchased my favorite collar, I had to do research. Before you start your search for a perfect sex toy, here’s a few tips that will help you to choose a sex toy that won’t disappoint.

Know the Type of a Toy

sex toy dildoWhile choosing a sex toy, this should be the first thing to consider. Sex toys have two main categories; male and female sex toys. It’s advisable to know what type you need before making a decision. This will enable you to know what factors to consider in order to choose the type that goes in accordance with your taste and preferences.

Considering your gender is also essential. As a woman knowing the area of your stimulation enables you to choose the sex toy type that best suits your needs.

Decide your Preferred Size

Size is an important factor to consider while choosing a sex toy. According to your preferences and taste, choose a sex toy with your preferred size. Although most users prefer small sex toys that one can easily hide at home, it’s also advisable to consider portability of your sex toy while making a choice.

The Price Should be Affordable

Determine how much you are willing to spend when choosing your sex toys .choose a sex toy that is affordable but also suits your budget. However, do not compromise when it comes to pleasure, intimacy, and health. Don’t choose a cheap sex toy just because it is affordable and it’s a look-alike of a more reliable brand.

Mechanism of Operation

Sex toys operate in different ways. Therefore, it is very crucial to ensure you know the manual and automated sex toys. Manual toys require you to use your hands while automated toys after setting your toy to your required state, does everything for you. This is why before making your choice, considering mechanism of operation is recommended.

Go for Silicone

Silicone material is remarkable which is why the industry’s most renowned brands prefer it because of its resistance to is comfortable, easy to clean and soft. However, avoid sticky silicone that can attract dust.

Avoid “jelly “Toys

sex handcuffMany toys are made with “jelly rubber” containing potentially dangerous “phthalates“, that might be carcinogenic. When choosing sex toys, avoid the products that contain phthalates by checking the packaging specifications. This will allow you to protect yourself from any unpleasant surprises and health hazards issues.

Do a Nose Test

This is done by putting a sex toy under the nose. If sneeze due to the strength of the vibrations, then it means that the product is likely to bring you satisfaction when using it. Try this to determine whether the sex toy will be able to provide the kind of pleasure you are after.

Rather than using a huge amount of cash to purchase a single toy, opt to buy a few to experiment at a lower price. After deciding what works best for you, splurge on that big-ticket sex toy that you’re sure you will adore. Hopefully, by following the above tips you will be able to find your dream sex toy.…

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