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Types of Sugar Babies

There are different types of sugar babies but there must be an arrangement to make things work. Both parties should enjoy the mutual benefits and limit their expectations depending on the agreed terms. A good sugar baby site will help you connect with the right sugar daddies. The following are types of sugar babies:

Status and Money Sugar Babies

This is the type of relationship that involves payment. You have to discuss your payment arrangement. A status money sugar baby treats the relationship as a job. You should agree when you will be paid, in what way, how much and how often you will be meeting. You can have either have a weekly, monthly, or every time you meet.

A weekly allowance is more flexible as it can sustain an expensive lifestyle or meet your needs. A monthly allowance should be big enough to sustain you for a whole month. However, you have to be careful with how you manage your money since it will be a long wait before you get the next allowance. An every meeting allowance means you have to meet frequently for you to receive your allowance.

Travel Sugar Babies

Some sugar daddies are business people and have to make business trips. Traveling alone can be boring so inviting someone makes traveling interesting. Sugar babies with wanderlust are willing to accompany sugar daddies. Some sugar babies wish to experience the world and being a travel companion is a dream come true. Some sites cater to this arrangement.

Make sure you open up and talk about your interests and tastes to be on the same page. A travel sugar baby can get access to the unlimited most beautiful destinations in the world in the company of your sugar daddy. The sugar daddy should come up with the travel plan and inform the sugar baby to just show up.

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Sexual Sugar Babies

Sugar dating is different from prostitution, it doesn’t have to involve sex. There are cases when a sugar baby and a sugar daddy share an intimate relationship. The two parties must have an agreement and know how much they are willing to give and take.

This helps to manage your expectations of each other. The agreement is not illegal, since it is adults consenting to an agreement between themselves to pay for sex and no offense has taken place. Most sexual sugar babies choose wanderers who only want a casual arrangement and have big pockets.

Companionship Sugar Babies

These are the type of sugar babies who are looking to develop an actual friendship and help a sugar daddy to confine in her. You have to help a sugar daddy to vent his issues, it can be a business meeting.

Most sugar daddies take this time to keep their mind distracted and in return, a sugar baby is rewarded generously. Sugar daddies like an uncomplicated relationship due to their busy schedule, demanding life, or too much drama in their life. Sugar babies should be upfront about the type of relationship they want to avoid any kind of confusion.

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